Daily Work Out?!

The Relationship Between Self-Representation, Degree of Openness About One´s Gay or Lesbian Identity, and Psychological Stress in the Workplace

Meinhold, F. & Frohn, D. (2016)
In T. Köllen (ed.), Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations. Global Perspectives on LGBT Workforce Diversity (pp. 321-338). Wien: Springer.
Keywords: Diversity Management, Offenheit am Arbeitsplatz, LSBTIQ* Diskriminierung, Homosexualität

The purpose of this paper is to allow quantitative statements about the relationship between selfrepresentation as a personality disposition and the degree of openness towards one’s own sexual identity, to develop a deeper understanding of the handling of one’s own sexual identity in the workplace with regard to the dimensions of attitude and behavior. In addition, it also addresses the influence of open-mindedness on one’s individual psychological mental stress, based on experiences of discrimination in various situations.